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People's Voice Award - Voting is over

For this years Awards, we were thinking about ways to initiate more opportunities to generate awareness about employer branding. Sharing best practices is the best way to inspire other companies and teams to create amazing companies, to start or continue building projects and strategic initiatives which can improve employee experience and profoundly impact people related processes.

These awesome companies have shared their values, people-centric approach and have invited us to learn more about them. You are an important part of the People's Voice Award. Browse through these videos and vote for the ones which are the closest to your perception of being a great place to work. 

Please note: on some devices, after refreshing the page you will still have the option to vote, but the vote will not be counted regardless of how many times you do that. It is only counted your first vote per device.

Click on the logo of a company and skip to their video - or just scroll down.

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Who we are
We help our clients translate and localize their products / services to the linguistic, cultural, technical and legal environments of international markets through linguistic expertise, advanced technologies and project management.
Our Beliefs and Values
We place equal emphasis on professional and human qualities of our employees, as well as their safety, health and well-being. It is our strong belief that only content employees can provide impeccable service to our clients.

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We have summarized main activities that we accomplished during 2021 with our focus to people, our secret ingredient.

We wanted to show through this video the following:

  • Importance of people teamwork, mindset and attitude  - One adria team in pandemic and difficult time (people minds and hearts)  

  • How we adopt to new reality and how our people feel ( People surveys outcome )

  • People promotions / movements, new directors 

  • Diversity and Inclusion achievements, gender balance teams, welcoming new colleagues

  • Our effort to Community support, people vaccination and HoReCa recovery

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Take a look at a story on why is Microblink the best employer, told by the employees themselves.
Strong passion for technology and people, innovation, high team spirit, care for the personal development of each employee.

Those are words used to describe Microblink, a company from Croatia that develops top-notch technology globally.

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PBZ dugi s crtom_eng.jpg

See our video and find out what is like to work at PBZ from the eyes of the… greatest experts!

We designed and implemented a series of programs aimed at our employees’ well-being to help them be more satisfied and happy in their workplace, as well as at home with their families.

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Our core values support the company's vision and shape its culture. Move Fast, Be Kind, and Do More are our three core organizational values written in our DNA and are the essence of our identity and Qulture. They define what we stand for and how we do things.

In the following video, each Communications team member represents one value, and each value is described by five different behaviors, which our actors took a bit too literally!

So how would we describe Qulture?

It's a unique social and psychological environment where people are easy-going, informal, and super casual. Getting things done is central, but nothing at Q should ever get stiffed or formal. Talking to the CEO or an Intern, all Qumans should be their true selves, using the same lingo, attitude, or salty jokes. :)

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At SofaScore, we strive to change the experience of following sports in today’s fast-paced world by turning complex sports data into interesting insights.


Dive into our relaxed world and find out who is behind the best-rated live score app from “small” Croatia.

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Even though we have 500+ experts (and counting!), despite our best efforts we simply couldn’t fit everyone in this video story about Span. Behind the scenes look was focused mainly of our architects, support specialists, consultants, developers, business analysts and security experts who make a difference day-to-day in this rapidly evolving digital world.


We are strong believers in building long-term relationships, and for that reason customers trust our expertise in managing sensitive, complex IT projects. None of this would be possible without great camaraderie between the people of Span that makes us competent, exceptional, responsible and trustworthy.


Span is a place where people really do make a difference!

That is how we empower our customers and create a better digital future together!

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This video encaptures our experience with the necessary changes that we had to implement in the organization of the STYRIA: SCOOL Academy in times of pandemic.

The Academy empowers young talents in digitalization, media, networking, and entrepreneurship to competently respond to, easily and rapidly changing, market trends.

Flexibility, innovation, networking, entrepreneurship, teamwork, personal growth... These are just some of the values that matter in our company and that best present our spirit!


Exactly those values we try to pass on our STYRIA: SCOOL students, regardless of the conditions in an organization, because we are flexible, innovative, networked, and we appreciate the power of teamwork - as shown in the video!


Important dates for this category


Applications can be submitted up to this date.


Online voting starts


VOTING IS OVER - Thank you for your votes!


Awards Ceremony

Online voting

You have only one vote for each video presentation. You can choose to vote for only one video, or other videos as well.

We encourage visitors to review every application and try to evaluate the following:

  • What makes The Company you have selected to vote for "stand out"?

  • Do you believe that this video presentation is an authentic representation of the The Company you have selected to vote for?

  • Is your perception that The Company you have selected to vote for is a great place to work?

People's Voice Award - Winners

Video application which receives the biggest number of votes in the voting period (from 1 September to 1 November 2021) is the Winner.

If two or more applications receive the same number of votes, they will share first place.


There are 3 segments which will receive People's Voice Award, in each segment respectively:

  •  People's Voice Award - Large companies

  •  People's Voice Award - Medium companies

  •  People's Voice Award - Small companies


Segments are defined based on number of FTE employees at the date of application (external workforce not included):

  • Large companies - above 501 FTE employees

  • Medium companies - from 101 FTE up to 500 FTE employees

  • Small companies - up to 100 FTE employees.

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